Things You Should Avoid When Writing Your Online Dating Profile

Write an open and honest dating profile that showcases your best qualities. Just be yourself and include qualities you already possess, such as those related to being fun, attractive, and likable. Most people writing an online dating profile will find that being truthful with intellectual, emotional, and physical qualities can go a long way to help attract the attention of other like-minded candidates.

Have you made up your mind to join one of the online dating websites? If so, we won’t focus on the tips on how to select the most trusted service now. There are lots of recommendations you can find on the web these days, so, this information is easy to find. Instead, we will discuss the secrets of writing a nice profile that will attract the attention of other users.

Some people think that writing an online dating profile is quite easy and frequently underestimate the importance of this issue. As they post their profiles, though, they face lots of problems and wonder why other users don’t pay attention to them. If you have ever been in such a frustrating situation, then tips provided below will help you find out the things you should never mention in your online dating profile. Analyze each point of the list and then decide, whether you follow these recommendations or not. Probably, there is something that requires correction in your profile.

  1. Don’t Criticize Online Dating

The fact that you have joined the online dating website (or are just going to do that) means that you hope to find your loved one there. Even if there is something you don’t like about the service or there are any doubts regarding the efficacy of online dating, never criticize the method. Otherwise, people may suppose that your intentions are not that serious and won’t even look through your profile.

  1. Don’t Publish Untruthful Information

Publishing untruthful information means lying to your potential partners. There is no sense in doing that, because if you manage to build relationships on the web, you will eventually meet your partner in real life. Consequently, all your secrets will become apparent, putting your relationships at risk. Experts report that most people wish to conceal information about their appearance, weight, height, occupation, age etc. This doesn’t make any sense if you are serious about this endeavor.

  1. Never Mention Facts about Your Ex-Partners

When you are ready to start new relationships, never talk or write about previous ones. Your potential partners may suggest that you are still not over them and will just ignore your profile. This is not to mention the fact that reading or listening about ex-partners is not peasant at all.

  1. Don’t Complain!

Even if you feel lonely and don’t like your current status, this is not the reason to complain about that. Other members of the dating site you have joined, probably, have the same problems you do. So, discussing that is definitely a mistake. The same concerns your previous unsuccessful dates and your former relationships. People don’t like pessimists, who have many complaints. Instead, focus on your perspectives and try your best effort to make your profile cheerful, optimistic and interesting to read.

  1. Don’t Write Too Much

When writing your online dating profile, don’t write too much! If it is longer than other profiles, then the chances that other people will skip it are quite high. Write only the most important information that may catch the attention of your potential partners.

  1. Don’t Be Dull

Just as people don’t like those, who often complain, they also don’t like those, who are dull. Keen sense of humor is a real benefit and you should make use of it, if you wish your profile to be a success. This does not mean, of course, that your profile should abound in anecdotes or other funny life stories, but a couple of jokes will certainly make it more optimistic and attractive.

  1. Don’t Disclose Your Confidential Information

Confidentiality is a priority when it comes to online dating. Remember that other people will read your profile and it is impossible to know their actual intentions in advance. To prevent the leak of your personal info, try not to disclose your confidential information, such as current home address, financial and contact data, last name etc. Don’t specify your job position right from the start and be attentive, when uploading your personal photos. Avoid posting those photos, which may show your property, valuable belongings and things like that.

  1. Don’t Leave Blank Sections

Filling out your profile is one of the keys to your online dating success. To be attention grabbing and interesting, the profile should be informative. It should describe your personality and this is what matters a lot here. This means that you should have enough time to fill it out properly in order not to leave blank sections. Otherwise, your potential dates may think that you won’t have time for them as well and will just keep looking for a more attentive partner.


It might be tempting to upload any old picture to complete the profile and get it launched online. But, a low-quality profile picture that isn’t clear is certain to be overlooked by many would-be candidates. Try to take two or three high-quality digital photos that match the size and resolution of the specific dating service. One of these can be used for the profile while the others are perfect to use when having private conversations with individuals on the site.

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